Course Description

Prerequisites: ETEC 444 or equivalent experience satisfying the California Level I computer technology standard. (See the course web page on the College of Education website for more information and a self-assessment.) Advanced principles for integrating computer technology into learning environments to improve: planning, designing and implementing learning experiences; educational communication and collaboration; assessment and evaluation. This course satisfies the California Level II computer technology standard. (Seminar 2 hours, laboratory 2 hours.) Letter grade only (A-F).

This course was completed in Fall 2004.


Multimedia Presentation (Lesson 4)

This assignment was centered around using Microsoft PowerPoint as a presentation tool for a “Back to School Night” presentation. The goal of the assignment was to effectively utilize PowerPoint as a tool to present yourself as a classroom teacher to parents. Through its use of PowerPoint, the student learning outcomes for this assignment align with both technology operations as well as productivity and professional practice.

NOTE: In the assignment, if you were not actually a classroom teacher, you were required to pretend to be one and make up information that a real classroom teacher would have for the particular audience. As I am not a classroom teacher, I pretended to be a High School Single Subject teacher.

Educational Resources (Lesson 7)

This assignment provided me the opportunity to locate educational resources for educators as well as evaluate them for potential technology use. In the first part of the assignment, I had to locate three lesson plans with two of the plans involving computer technology. The second part to the activity was to find the Acceptable Use Policy for a school district and describe its purpose as well as why there is a need for such a document. The third part required us to identify the learning tasks and computer functions of the technology based lessons we had previously selected while identifying how the third lesson that did not use technology could integrate technology.

This assignment aligns with multiple student learning outcomes. The act of searching for the lesson plans requires knowledge of online search technologies and evaluation.

Lesson Plan (Lesson 11)

This assignment was the culmination of every assignment we had worked on through the entire course via the creation of three original lesson plans that utilized technology. The assignment touched on multiple student learning outcomes such as technology use, classroom management, assessment and evaluation, and curriculum development.


From the beginning, I found this course to be challenging not from a technology stand point, but from teaching / educator stand point. I was one of the few non-teacher students in the class in addition to also being a higher education focused student. For the coursework and classroom activities, the instructor allowed minor modifications to the tasks to help focus them for our needs as non-teachers. For example, some assignments and in class activities were modified to be more staff training or real world oriented, while others we had to complete the assignment as described in order to learn what our classroom counterparts were experiencing.

The artifacts selected for this course show a progression from technology use to planning lessons with technology. I wanted to show how I could utilize technology as a professional through the multimedia presentation assignment. I then wanted to show the beginning of my journey in lesson planning through the selection and evaluation of lessons selected online. The culmination of the journey is through the final lesson plan assignment were I created three original full lesson plans complete with technology use, classroom management, assessment and evaluation, and curriculum development. This assignment shows the full range of outcomes experienced throughout the class.

Overall, I felt the class was very informative. As a non-teacher, I learned a great deal about the art of planning lessons, evaluation, and setting curriculum, while technology and social concepts were re-enforced.

NOTE: This course was taken prior to the requirement for Educational Technology student to do an electronic portfolio as a part of their overall course work.