Course Description

Prerequisites: ETEC 523, or consent of the instructor. Examines the role of leadership as it relates to the implementation of educational technology in schools. Provides theory, knowledge, and skills necessary to use, evaluate, plan, and implement technologies effectively within a school system. Examines broader administrative issues, including security and ethics, associated with computers and other technologies.

This course was completed in Summer 2005.


Change Plan

The technology change plan examines the usage of Beachboard by the College of Education at CSULB and plans for improving its image through increased training through using the CBAM change plan model. This artifact touches on student learning outcomes for the theory and knowledge of evaluating and planning for technologies in schools. In all, it was a good exercise in examining an technology issue in a school to determine the true issues around it and how to plan on improving it, thus improving its image.

Technology Development Plan

The technology development plan was a two part project that entailed both a plan proposal and presentation to the class. The plan proposal describes the overview of the organization, assessment, implementation, and assessment for a project plan. As a leader, this type of information will help inform the actual development and implementation. This artifact shows the student learning outcomes with regard to the evaluation and planning skills a leader would need in order to implimenent such a plan.


This was one of my unexpected favorite classes I took through the program and found myself disappointed that it was a summer class and not a normal full length semester course. This course was a fast paced tour of the concepts of educational technology leadership.

The artifacts selected for this course show my progression through learning through multiple aspects of educational leadership. The change plan shows how I took change plan model and applied it to an area of technology the College of Education utilized from the University in order to improve its image and usage. The technology development plan however was my favorite as its shows the beginning concept for a project in using Adobe Contribute that I would undertake in ETEC 553 and ETEC 623. This project shows the evaluation and planning needed to undertake the project in the future and was one of my first experiences with instructional design planning.

NOTE: This course was taken prior to the requirement for Educational Technology student to do an electronic portfolio as a part of their overall course work.