Course Description

Prerequisites: ETEC 523 or equivalent experience satisfying the California Level II computer technology standard. An introduction to principles of instructional design with emphasis on designing effective teaching strategies with educational technology. Students will apply design theories and models to plan, create, and refine learner-centered educational activities. Students will complete a series of instructional design assignments involving educational technology. Letter grade only (A-F).

This course was completed in Fall 2007.


Project Proposal

For this artifact, I selected the initial project proposal for the project that was completed at the end of the course. This portion of the project shows the instructional analysis conducted for the overall project as well as how it tied into my work at the time as the Webmaster for the College of Education at CSULB.

The student learning outcomes that are tied into this project proposal relate to applying principles of instructional design to conduct a proper analysis and create a plan for a lesson integrating technology.

Project – Planning and Executing a Lesson

This assignment was the main assignment of the entire semester, creating and executing a lesson that integrates technology. For this assignment, I selected artifacts that made up the entire assignment including the reflection, paper, and lesson with handouts. The final delivered project page is still available online for review.

This assignment dealt with multiple student learning outcomes including utilizing design theory in order to plan, create and execute a lesson integrating technology. Effective teaching strategies were emphasised through out the course and encouraged as a part of the project.


This class was my first experience in actually planning and executing a complete lesson integrating technology from start to finish. I found the experience to be very challenging as I was caught off guard by how much analysis was done before even starting a lesson. My experience with technology has always been with a rapid prototyping methodology rather using a more formal system such as ADDIE.

The artifacts I selected show both the planning and execution of an instructional design lesson. I chose the project proposal as it shows the instructional analysis done at the beginning of the course.  This project proposal then informed the second part of the course where we actually executed and delivered a lesson using instructional technology. I selected the lesson, handouts, and final web page as they were the actual deliverables for the project. The assignment and reflection artifacts give an authentic reflection of what I thought of the project at the time of competition.

I enjoyed this course due to the structure provided to each phase of learning. As a web developer, structure is very important to my career and as such I find that I learn better in such an environment. Despite the difficulty of learning a new method of instructional design, I think I came out of the class a stronger technologies.