Course Description

Prerequisites: ETEC 523, 553. Analysis and hands-on experience related to the use of modern techniques for developing technology based learning. The course provides discussions, demonstration, and hands-on experience in the computer lab toward the development of technology-based interactive learning programs. The course introduces advanced concepts of technology-based instructional design that are of value to educators including educational psychologists, curriculum developers, school administrators, special education teachers, and school counselors. Students will complete a series of hands-on instructional design assignments using state of the art technology-based tools for the delivery of learning programs. Each student will apply these methods by designing a technology-based instructional program. Seminar 2 hours, laboratory 2 hours.

This course was completed in Fall 2008 under ED P 697 as the last offering of the course was missed in Spring 2008 due to Educational Leave.



This assignment was to produce a full lesson from planning, development, and implementation using what was learned for instructional design. For this project, I chose to use the Drupal CMS and developed a tutorial on how to use Adobe Contribute for educators. This project was the continuation of the ETEC 553 course where I developed the first tutorial “Introduction to Website Planning”.

This project allowed me to further experience the steps and issues that an instructional designer may face in the real world. The student learning outcomes for this project dealt with applying instructional design methods for a technology based lesson.

Final Exam Essay

This essay was part of my final exam and produced outside of the timed exam. The goal of the essay was to discuss e-Learning and Web 2.0 within the framework of if they are a fad or fill a underline need. The essay was a tool to determine how well I read and understood the text for the semester, “The e-¬≠Learning Handbook: Past Promises, Present Challenges.” The student learning outcome for this example showing analysis skills for technology based learning.


Since this class was taken as an independent study, I had limited interaction with my instructor and no class interaction. This did make it challenging for me as a non-teacher who was just learning instructional design. Despite the limited interaction, I kept to the plan of doing a little bit of reading and work each week and meet with my instructor several times each month.

The project artifact was a continuation of the one of the projects I had started in ETEC 553 with the development of the second module of learning on Adobe Contribute. This was one of my areas of passion at the time as the university did not have dynamic web languages and databases available to the general faculty audience. This meant I did spend a good amount of time teaching faculty how to use Adobe Contribute as a basic content management system. I felt this was an important artifact to show as it showed my continued progression in instructional design.

The final exam artifact was choosen to show my analytic skills that were used in the text for the course.

Overall, I felt I did learn a great deal about instructional design and further challenged myself in designing the module.