Course Description

Prerequisites: Successful completion of all required course work for the Master of Arts in education, option in educational technology. Application for enrollment must be made by March 1 for the summer session or fall semester, or by October 1 for the spring semester. Advanced studies in educational technology including reviews of the literature, critique of educational technology research, and systematic development and evaluation of areas of students’ prior work. For qualified candidates preparing for the comprehensive examination. Letter grade only (A-F). May be repeated to maximum of 6 units.

This course was completed in Spring 2011.


Research Paper

The research paper assignment was the first major assignment I produced for the class, it was also a reintroduction to academic writing. The assignment revolved around finding three resources from our reading list and six new articles from that were not already on our comprehensive exam reading list with five of the sources being from 2009 or later. For my paper, I choose to research accessibility and usability in e-Learning. Some of the themes centered around reactive vs proactive design, the instructional design process, principles of e-learning design and student motivation. Upon completion of the research paper, a presentation was made to the class discussing my findings.

The student learning outcomes for this assignment revolved around demonstrating my knowledge of emerging research in educational technology through writing this paper using recent research and literature.

Annotated Bibliography

The annotated bibliography assignment was the second assignment with both individual and group components. The class was divided up into groups based on the four key areas of study in the course; Multicultural/Global, Leadership, Design & Development, and Theory & Foundations. I was in the design & development group in which we further split the readings up into groups of 4-5 readings per person. Individually our task was to read over the material and then deliver our individual bibliographies. After this was complete, we then as a group had to come up with a group presentation with activity. The activity we choose at the end was to do a Jeopardy game.

The student learning outcomes for this assignment was to demonstrate knowledge of key literature in the field through contributing to a group annotated bibliography and presentation.


The artifacts I selected represent the two assignments that I can publicly display on a website. The remaining artifacts revolve around practice comprehensive exam questions which could be utilized in the future. The research paper with presentation is an example of my academic writing and how it has evolved since I first started the program. I learned a great deal about my writing and what I needed to improve on in order to better my writing for a timed essay. The annotated bibliography assignment was initially challenging as I was not quite sure what was required of the bibliography. After doing some research and a great deal of reading, I finally found a grove and was able to complete the assignment and provide slides to my group mates for the presentation.

Overall I felt that I grew in my writing skills through out the semester. As a professional technologist and developer, I am never quite satisfied with things I produce, especially essay writing. This was one of the most difficult things to combat. Each practice essay I took, I thought I had failed the essay, only to find out I did well. I can only hope that this continues to the real comprehensive exam.