Course Description

Criteria, tools, procedures and policies for evaluating and selecting instructional resources appropriate to use in school library media centers. Letter grade only (A-F).

This course was completed in Spring 2005.


Paper on Library Catalog Systems

For this paper, I wrote about selecting a library catalog system that would be appropriate for an electronic media collection consisting of software and multimedia collections of images and sounds. This collection was within a college and meant for the use of students and faculty of the college.

  • Due to a hard drive failure, all known artifacts were damaged or destroyed.

Paper on Library Policies and Procedures

For this paper, I wrote about the polices and procedures within a library that must be adhered to during the selection process. As a part of my educational technology program, it was adjusted to discuss a digital media collection rather than just a traditional library media collection. Discussion to how a digital media collection differs from a traditional media collection was reviewed in respect to how policies could be adjusted to fit a digital media collection.

  • Due to a hard drive failure, all known artifacts were damaged or destroyed.


As someone who wanted to be a well rounded technologist and educator, in the spring of 2005, I decided I wanted to take a Library Science course in order to expand my knowledge of all areas within the educational arena. The instructor was very supportive of this idea and even went out of her way to make sure I was able to cross my background in educational technology within the course framework.

Within a library structure, I had not considered the amount of work it took to evaluate and select instructional resources. The amount of attention to the criteria in which a selection was made surprised me. I had only experienced this level of detail only before in a formal information technology environment within the corporate world.

One of the things that made me very excited, had nothing to do with technology. On the last day of class, we went through the process of how to save a book whose binding had broken. I actually took a book from the library we were in, carefully finished ripping the book off of its binding, and then applied binding glue to reattach the book back to its binding. Over thirty books were saved that day and able to continue being used by the students at the school. This to me shows the care one must take once a selection has been made for a library to ensure it lasts for all patrons.

Overall I found the information very helpful, especially the section on how to evaluate and select a library catalog system for use within a library. As someone with a more of a data information background, I was able to easily assimilate just how important the entire process is to a well rounded school library.

NOTE: This course was taken prior to the requirement for Educational Technology student to do an electronic portfolio as a part of their overall course work.